The system of dry deodorization

eNVIDRYTM is an innovative odor control system capable of neutralizing odors without the use of water as a dispersing agent.


The system of dry deodorization

Managing the processes of waste collection, transportation, and storage, as well as composting, wastewater treatment, dewatering, and sludge storage, as well as animal farming, is often associated with the emission of unpleasant scent, also known as odors. They are generated as a result of natural decomposition processes occurring in waste, wastewater, and sludge. Released odors contain volatile fatty acids, mercaptans, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which in turn can pose a serious problem for the environment if no measures are taken to control their levels.

Many economic sectors, including municipal waste management, the water and sewage industry, as well as animal farming, are increasingly facing requirements regarding odor emissions.

Traditional installations aimed at combating nuisance odors utilize misting, which requires the consumption of large amounts of water necessary to disperse the odor-neutralizing liquid in the affected area.


is an innovative odor control system capable of neutralizing odors without the use of water as a dispersing agent, which is why it can also be applied in places where water mist is undesirable.



is a preparation specifically designed for use with the eNVIDRY™ device. This combination offers several advantages compared to traditional odor control systems and odor-neutralizing fluids:

  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive.
  • It does not require the use of external storage tanks; everything is contained within a compact device.
  • No need for dosing equipment.
  • Replaces traditional odor reduction liquids and operates at the molecular level.
  • An economical alternative to wet installations
  • It does not require water supply
  • Versatile in its application - can be used in buildings, open spaces, extraction systems, and ventilation.
  • Acts directly on odor molecules without delay.
  • Deodorizes a wide spectrum of odors.
  • Offers high flexibility - the system can be configured to meet specific needs.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Easy to install and operate.

How does eNVIDRY™ work?

The scent molecule


One minute
Five minutes
Ten minutes
Twenty minutes

Traditional odor control systems operate on the principle of atomization, using water to disperse the odor-neutralizing agent - thanks to the eNVIDRY™ device, this is no longer necessary.

The odor-neutralizing agent eNVIMAX™ is an incredibly complex blend of essential oils specially designed for use in eNVIDRY™. Essential oils combine with the odor molecule, creating a new chemical compound.

The blend of essential oils can neutralize a wide range of odors. Water-based misting systems primarily work by capturing odor-causing molecules. Since eNVIDRY™ operates without water, the essential oil's reaction to the odor molecule is much more direct, requiring less deodorizing agent to achieve the desired effect. Most organic odors can be easily neutralized. Aromatic hydrocarbons are more challenging to deodorize, while H2S, mercaptans, ammonia, and most organic compounds containing amino groups are effectively neutralized. It's important to note that other odor-neutralizing liquids do not work in eNVIDRY™.



01 Waste sorting facilities
02 Landfills
03 Composting facilities, fermentation installations, wastewater and sludge tanks, wastewater treatment residuals
04 Channels and pump stations
05 Gas scrubbing from biofilters and gas washing installations
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