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Technology for biosolids and organic waste composting based on semipermeable membranes


About us

EQUIPO has over 15 years of experience in implementing dedicated technologies for municipal waste and sewage sludge processing.

We draw knowledge from collaborations with higher education institutions and international partners, allowing us to build a reputation as a leader and implement modern, environmentally friendly solutions in the waste management sector.

We draw knowledge from collaborations with higher education institutions and international partners, allowing us to build a reputation as a leader and implement modern, environmentally friendly solutions in the waste management sector.

We operate comprehensively, offering not only technology delivery but also support in developing the documentation necessary for the construction and implementation of the solutions we provide.

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“One membrane, many possibilities”

Compliance with legal requirements regarding biological waste processing







Quality first

One membrane —many possibilities

  • Composting of biodegradable waste: sewage sludge, green waste
  • Composting of post-fermentation
  • Aerobic stabilization of the undersize fraction from municipal waste
  • Bio-drying of the oversize fraction from municipal waste

Effective emission control during the processing process:

Explore our robust strategies for efficient emission control throughout the processing phase. We prioritize environmental responsibility by implementing effective measures to minimize emissions, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly process.

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Reduction of odor emissions by at least 90%
0 %
Reduction of VOC emissions by at least 90%
0 %
Reduction of ammonia emissions by at least 90%
0 %
Bacteria retention > 99% e.g. Aspergillus fumigatus
0 %
Dust and Partioculate Matter (PM) Retention > 99%

Process flow

Visual representation that outlines the sequence of steps and activities involved in a specific process or workflow.

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    Preparation of batch mixture for composting process begins with the preparation of sewage sludge and structural material.

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    Layer-wise mixing of structured material and sewage sludge.

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    The prepared mixture is transferred to composting bins. At this stage, the composting material is moved from the mixing area to the composting bins using a wheel loader. The material is piled up in a prism shape until the entire bin is filled. Once the bin is filled, the material is covered with a semi-permeable membrane from the EQUIPO system.

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    Initiation of the composting process: Right after covering the bin with the semi-permeable membrane from the EQUIPO system, the composting process begins. The process consists of two phases: the first phase, lasting 3 weeks, involves sewage sludge hygienization. Upon completion of this phase, the composted mixture is transferred to the second phase of the process. The second phase concludes after another 3 weeks (totaling 6 weeks).

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    The finished product.

Frequently Asked Questions


Explore our FAQ section for quick answers to commonly asked questions about our products/services and more. 

  • 01 Benefits of EQUIPO technology
    •     Operating in the Polish market since 15 years
    •     Complies with BAT legal regulations
    •     Based on a waterproof and semipermeable membrane
    •     Closed processing system
    •     Positively aerated system
    •     Ideal management of moisture
    •     Retention of bioaerosols, dust and bacteria
    •     Low operating costs and low electricity demand
    •     Short time of processing
    •     Consistent and high product quality in a short time
    •     Stable process regardless of the season
    •     Control over unpleasant odors and emissions
  • 02 Flexible installation concept

    •    Modularity ensures full operational and investment flexibility
    •    Design references from 2,000 to 1,000,00 T/y

  • 03 Balanced Cost/Performance Ratio

    •    Lowest total operating cost of the installation
    •    Treatment costs are lower compared to other systems and treatment methods
    •    Energy consumption ≤ 2 kWh per ton of input material

  • 04 Greenhouse Gas Control
    • Lowest possible emission rate (CO2 equivalent) compared to all to other biological processing technologies
    • Reduction in emissions compared to other methods of biological waste processing
Quality first

Our experience

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  • Stabilization

    of the fraction 0-80 mm > 400,000 T/Y

    Our constructed installations for oxygen stabilization of the 0-80 mm fraction collectively possess an annual throughput exceeding 400,000 tons, with this figure constantly increasing.

  • Sludge composting plant

    under construction > 430,000 T/Y

    The planned installations for sewage sludge composting, currently in the construction phase, will collectively have a processing capacity exceeding 430,000 tons annually.

  • Sludge composting plant

    – completed > 100,000 T/Y

    We have completed the construction of a sewage sludge composting facility, which collectively processes over 100,000 tons of sludge annually.

  • Test

    of the fraction 0-80 mm > 400,000 T/Y

    In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and responsible resource management, the Stabilisation of the 0-80 mm Fraction is a visionary project that stands at the forefront of waste management and environmental stewardship. With an annual capacity of 400,000 tons, this initiative is a testament to our commitment to transforming challenges into opportunities.


Probably the greatest experience in Poland in biological waste treatment using semipermeable membranes

Discover a groundbreaking experience in biological waste treatment. Our innovative approach harnesses semipermeable membranes to revolutionize waste management, offering unparalleled efficiency and environmental sustainability.



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    Our company has been cooperating with EQUIPO for many, many years, completing numerous projects in the waste management industry. The tasks assigned by us have always been carried out with full commitment, and the service provided has been done correctly and tailored to the needs of the Customer. I recommend contacting and cooperating with EQUIPO.

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  • Maciej

    Company assessment primarily depends on the people working there. By collaborating with EQUIPO, you are working with a team that possesses both substantive knowledge and expertise in working with people. The time spent on our project has allowed us to better understand individuals characterized by great openness, availability, commitment, and readiness to face all challenges. Without a shadow of a doubt, I recommend cooperation with EQUIPO....

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  • Leszek

    The company EQUIPO carried out, among other things, the modernization of the waste bioprocessing installation for PUP EKOSKŁAD in Służewo. The cooperation with EQUIPO proceeded very well. The excellent communication ensured that any issues that arose were quickly resolved. To this day, we can count on professional support from EQUIPO during the operation of the waste bioprocessing installation.

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  • Paweł

    The cooperation has always been positive and substantive.

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  • Anna

    The company EQUIPO helped me solve the issue of organic waste management. I didn't expect such a good collaboration, and the results exceeded my expectations.

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